2016 Awards

Division 1

Left to Right: Stephen Hall (2nd place), Ed Hyland (1st place), Jonny Cartwright (3rd place)

Division 1 Female

Mags Beever (1st place)

Division 2

Left to right: James Penson (2nd place), Andrew Laird-Boldy (1st place), Jim Harris (3rd place)

Division 3

Left to Right: Martin Wood (2nd place), Richard Crombie (1st place), Not pictured Gerry Banham (3rd place)

Division 4

Steve Hallam (2nd place), Not pictured Graham Teal (1st place), Jan King (3rd place)

Division 5

Left to Right: Angela Lee (3rd place), Ray Mooney (1st place), Nicki Cartwright (2nd place)

Division 6

Left to Right: John Rushworth (2nd place), Sharon Marlor-Gage (1st place), Graham Robertshaw (3rd place)

Division 7

Jackie Barker (3rd place), Not pictured Alex Whyte (1st place), Karen Appleyard (2nd place)

Handicap Division

Left to Right: Mark Preston (1st place), Sharon Marlor-Gage (2nd place), Not pictured Paul Senior (3rd place)

Most Improved

Handicap Races

Other Awards

Dave Hutchings - The Mick Woodhouse Award