Mark Preston - club championship manager

Upcoming Championship Races

Well done to the 2016 winners!

Div 1:Ed Hyland Steve Hall Jonny Cartwright
Div 2: Andrew Laird Boldy James Penson Jim Harris
Div 3: Richard Crombie Martin Wood Gerry Banham
Div 4: Graham Teal Steve Hallam Jan King
Div 5:Ray Mooney Nicki CartwrightAngela Lee
Div 6: Sharon Marlor-Gage John Rushworth Graham Robertshaw
Div 7: Alex Whyte Karen Appleyard Jackie Barker

How it works

Main competition

(1) The league will consist of 7 divisions.

(2) Runners will be assigned a division after the 3rd race of the season has taken place. Thuis will be based on the runners ability.

(3) There are 20 events ranging from 3K track races, 5k Park run through Cross countries, half marathons & even a couple of fell races.

(4) Points for each events are awarded as follows: 1st Place 30 points 30 points, 2nd place 29 points, 3rd place 28 points, etc.

(5) You can do as many or as few races as you like, with your top 9 events counting in terms of points.

(6) Runners in the top 3 positions at the event of the year will each be presented with trophies at the Annual Dinner in February.

(7) In the event of runners finishing level on points at the end of the season, each will receive a prize.

(8) The 3K Track Run will be held 3 or 4 times during the year, only your best time will count.

(9) The 2 parkruns, Huddersfield & Halifax, will be treated as separate events. Your best time of the year will count towards your points total.


Handicap Competition

(1) The events in the Handicap competition will be the same as those in the main competition. The exceptions are the Park Run & the Cross Country.

(2) The Handicap competition will commence after event 3 has taken place.

(3) Only runners who have entered the championships before31-Mar-16 will be eligible to take part.

(4) The competition will be run on an elimination basis. Each race some runners will be eliminated based on their performance.

(5) Each competitor will be given an initial percentage prior to the start of the first race, in other words the Overgate Hospice 10K. The percentage is based on the expected time of the winner of the event.

(6) 10% of the runners who performed worse against their percentage will be eliminated.

(7) If a runner fails to turn up for 3 races in a row they are automatically eliminated.

(8) Handicap percentages will be adjusted for the top 5 runners & the bottom 5 runners in each race.



(1) All competitors entering a Club Championships event must wear a Stainland Lions vest or shirt. If this is not the case & another member of the club objects, then no points will be awarded to the offending runner. There are 2 exceptions to this rule:
          (1.1) Fell Races where a runner is 1st for 2nd claim for a different club, e.g. Calder Valley Fell Runners.
          (1.2) Park Runs, The Winter Handicap & the Track Races.

(2) All runners must enter events under their own names. Points will not be awarded if this is not the case. Note that some race organisers do accept changes to runner details prior to races commencing.

(3) In the event of any dispute or grievance against a fellow runner, this must be reported within 1 calendar month of the occurrence to a committee member.

(4) No New runners will be admitted to the championships after the end of June.

(5) In the event of the final event of the year being cancelled by the organisers within insufficient time to organise a suitable replacement, the final points will be based on the previous event.