The Monday steady group has grown significantly over the last year or two, so much so that it has developed into its own ‘club night’. We believe this is a result of new and existing dedicated runners, our coached hill sessions and the Beginner Courses which traditionally run on Monday nights.

During the last few weeks we have not been able to offer a run leader dedicated to this group. Your Club’s Committee has been looking at ways to improve the run leader availability and are pleased to announce, from 8th January 2018, a trial rota where 14 Run leaders will take it in turn to lead this group on Monday nights.

Running with different run leaders should be a welcome change and we hope that it is something that will encourage the steady group runners to come along and try the different runs that each leader will show them. 

The Committee believes that this commitment shows that this group is, and always will be, as important to the Club as the other groups. If this trial proves to be successful, the Club may ask the run leaders to extend this to Thursday nights too. Please remember that the run leaders are volunteers doing this for your enjoyment and for this, the Club is grateful.

The rota and run details will be visible on the Club’s website for all to view. It will include where the group ran in the previous weeks enabling the next run leader to plan a different route avoiding repetition.

If a run leader cannot take the group it is their responsibility to arrange a replacement.