News from the chair - March


Another fantastic Month of running for our club. We did indeed sweep the board at the WYWL and took home much silverware and had a very enjoyable night at the presentation evening. So a massive thanks to all who organised, supported, ran, took pictures, collated results and made cake and flapjack for re-energizing at the end of some particularly steep and muddy courses this year.

Mark Preston has now allocated the Championship divisions, 7 in total which shows what a competitive club we are now. Already there is the start of the season “eyeing up” of competitors and mumblings about tactics. It should be the usual “I’m your friend” start to the season and “hmm not sure now” end of the season, but it’s all in good humor and although it is a competition it is for fun and should be taken as such and enjoyed by all. Apart from our running antics we do support local charities with our races and events. This month attention has been drawn to the Overgate Hospice Day Care facility which was set up 20 years ago by our lovely Liz Forster, so many will have benefited from this, the kindness and support from Liz and her team will live with families forever and have helped people through some of their hardest times.

At the Annual Dinner Geoff’s “photo Booth” raised £146.00 and the “Booze/Cake” bus to the Thirsk 10 miler held a “Great Stainland Bake off” which raised another £118.00 and a further £35.00 was donated that was left over from a social event. In total we have so far we have donated almost £300.00 and also individuals have had donations to their marathon efforts. So it’s not just about the running side, as a Club the member’s generosity of time and money never ceases to amaze me and each and everyone should be very proud of their efforts.

Liz has put something on our Forum under Charity and Fundraising with details of how people can continue to support the facility so if you feel you can help then take a look.


It’s getting very close, if you can help in any way on the day please get in touch. We are praying that the sunshine gods have taken note of the date and that we can have another superb Bluebell weekend that all the family can enjoy.


Starting on 13.4.15 it seems we are full, really looking forward to intoducing new people to our lovely club and many thanks to David Rushworth for taking on the organising of this.


Our amazing and courageous James Penson is doing the Marathon De Sable in 4 days from today. Ranked the Toughest Foot Race on Earth. The equivalent of five and a half marathons in 5 or 6 days in temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, over rolling sand dunes and desert mountains, carrying all his own supplies - Oh My!! I’m sure you will all join in and wish James the safest and most satisfying journey through what is truly a race of a lifetime, A Lion truly in his sun Kingdom we will all be with him in spirit, thankfully I don’t think it’s an event that lets you enter on line in a giddy wine fuelled moment so we should be safe!!

Spring has Sprung (allegedly) so head torches can get tucked away and the trails can once again be sought out, have fun this month with whatever you are doing, I know you’ll all be great.

Check out the results some fantastic times and many PB’s again this month.

Very best of luck to all marathoners

this month, hope you all achieve you goals and have a fab time

Karen x

Posted on April 15, 2015 and filed under newsletter.