Stadium vs Stainland Challenge 2019 - Report & Results

Yesterday saw the return of the annual Stadium Vs Stainland challenge.

The challenge, now in it’s 6th year, saw Stainland finally claim back the trophy after a few lean years. The score now lies at 4-2 in Stadium’s favour.

This years challenge saw Jim Harris come up with an orienteering style score event. After runners had come up with a comedy team name, they were given a map and a card to stamp and 90 minutes to visit as many checkpoints as possible. The further away the checkpoint, the more points earned. The lure of the big points being further away crossed with the worry of getting back late and suffering time penalties!

It might be said that being on home turf was a slight advantage to the Lions, but Stadium put up one heck of a fight and proved their map reading skills are top notch.
The winning team was the ‘Sexy Barstewards’ with a huge 250 points. But when all the points and teams were added up and an average taken, the results were pretty darn close. Stainland just taking the win by an average of 120 points to Stadiums 118.


Next year sees the challenge return to Stadium’s turf to see what crazy ideas they can come up with. Will we be carrying water across a car park again, or maybe we’ll have to swim across Scammonden Dam this time?! Whatever happens we’ll all have a fun old time…as long as we retain the trophy!

The results spreadsheet can be found here.

Posted on July 12, 2019 .