It's that racing time of year...

Brighton Marathon

Three of the club’s intrepid Marathon runners were in action this weekend, tackling the undulating course at Brighton.  Brighton Marathon has achieved a certain level of notoriety amongst the Lions in recent years on account of the mentally challenging nature of its route.  Participants have to run three times out and back through a soulless industrial harbour area and past a power station.  Race reviews describe it as “brutal, ugly, windy, and no crowd.”

Results: Wendy Goodwin 4:44:05, Angela Goulden 4:48:33, Jayne Rhodes 5:01:13

Bunny Runs

Paul Patrick completed his hat trick of Bunny Runs last week, running the third and final race of the series.  Each Bunny Run is a mini fell race over moorland terrain at Haworth.

Result: Paul Patrick 23:40

Old Colliery Canter 10K and Half Marathon

The annual Old Colliery Canter races took place on Saturday at Rabbit Ings Country Park near Barnsley.  The site is located on the former colliery yard and spoil heap of the Monkton Colliery.  There were some issues with route finding on the day as runners attempted to navigate the complex and winding course, but at least the sun came out.

Result (10K): Zoe Lunn 1:11:04

Results (Half Marathon): Kim Ison 2:22:59, Zoe Mallinson 2:25:13

Vale of York 10 Mile

A strong run from Helen Armitage saw her finish 1st F50 at the Vale of York 10 Mile race.  The route, which is fast and flat, starts on the runway at Rufforth airfield, home to the York Gliding Centre.  Several club members achieved personal best times on the day.

Results: Helen Armitage 1:17:29, Diane Thornley 1:29:54, Joanne Cooke 1:30:40, Catherine McHugh 1:31:19, Paul Armitage 1:31:56, Dawn Medlock 1:36:59, Manjit Ahiar 1:45:36, Helen Shenton 1:46:43

The Overgate 5K/10K Challenge

Lions made up a significant percentage of the runners at the Overgate Challenge, the popular annual charity fundraiser for Overgate Hospice.  The total field of 372 included over 60 Lions, many of whom have first hand experience of the wonderful work that the hospice does.  Cool weather made for pleasant running conditions – and even the fog was welcome, hiding just how much further it was to the top of Ogden.  The Lions secured an array of category wins, with John Bassinder (1st M60), Aileen Baldwin (1st F65 in a remarkable time of 48:26) Jan King (1st M65) and Holly Maddocks (1st F U23) all taking honours for the club.  Full results are below, with category placings in bold.

Results (10K): Dan Marsden 42:18, Phillip Moyles 42:18 (2nd M40), Clayton Cutter 42:47, Anthony Mott 42:49 (3rd M40), Leon Severn 43:02, Gareth Knight 45:19, Julie Field 45:40 (3rd Lady and 1st F45), Steve Ashworth 45:58 (3rd M50), James McNutt 45:59, Gerry Banham 46:03 (2nd M55), Stefanie Hopkins 46:23 (2nd F40), Jim Harris 46:24, Sally Caton 46:34 (3rd F40), John Bassinder 46:42 (1st M60), Maria Harron 47:36 (3rd F45), Stuart Clinton 48:02, Aileen Baldwin 48:26 (1st F65), Martin Wood 48:29, David Farrah 48:30, Ian Hoskins 48:37, Michelle Rogerson 48:43, Michael Dunning 48:56, Ian Johnson 48:58, Steve Hallam 49:31, Paul McCormick 50:52, Gareth Webb 51:03, Lesley Hodgson 52:10, Roy Lunt 53:11, Gemma Berriman 53:35, Jan King 53:49 (1st M65), Gina Anderson Keeble 54:24, Alison Audsley 55:37, Holly Maddocks 56:12 (1st F U23), Susan Cash 56:12 (3rd F50), Brian Conroy 56:25 (2nd M65), Karl Coldwell 56:36, Liz Hallam 56:46, Rachel Fay 57:03, John Hirst 58:27, Zoe Mallinson 58:33, Paula Pickersgill 59:01, Lin Devine 1:00:26 (2nd F55), Helen Harris 1:01:29, Richard Lambert 1:03:06, Simon Gadd 1:03:27, Karen Appleyard 1:04:36, Ken Chilcott 1:04:56, Anna Stones 1:04:59, Julie Goddard 1:05:25, Simone Zoledziejewski 1:05:30, Alex Whyte 1:06:06, Richard Brear 1:06:41, Wendy Paulson 1:07:06, Anne Cawdron 1:07:47, Cheryl Hill 1:07:53, Emma Aveyard 1:08:02, Justin Scargill 1:08:02, Colette Croft 1:08:53, Patricia Hallowell 1:09:57, Jackie Barker 1:11:43, Carol Heptonstall 1:12:45, Peter Cawdron 1:12:46, Hilary Scargill 1:12:53, Gail Fawcett 1:16:52, Helen Hudson (race sweeper) 1:42:26

Result (5K): Derek Doyle - running with his son Nathan- 24:36 (1st M50)

Wardle Skyline and Gisborough Moors Fell Races

David Culpan represented the Lions on the fells in both the Wardle Skyline and the oddly spelt Gisborough Moors Fell Races.  The Wardle Skyline takes place near Rochdale, and is 7 miles long with 1,250 feet of ascent.  The Gisborough Moors Race covers a distance of about 12 miles with 2,600 feet of ascent, and takes in the summits of Roseberry Topping, Captain Cooks and Highcliffe Nab, with spectacular views from the tops.  Official results are a closely guarded secret, but David’s own records show a time of 1:12:46 at Wardle and 2:03:04 at Gisborough Moors.

Posted on April 17, 2018 .